I’m holding 7 Rickie Lane,
Ladera Ranch, Open, this
Sunday, October 23 from 1-4:00 pm (This property is in Covenant Hills, so drive up to the gate, tell the guard you are going to the Open House at 7 Rickie Lane)

You’ve seen this house, here, on my blog!

Now, see it up close and personal.
It’s one of the most amazing homes
you will  visit.

Bring your relatives and
friends, and just enjoy yourselves!

Here are just a couple pics,
you must come down to see the rest.
You will not be disappointed.


To see more, come on down to my Open House!

See you there!


For more info about this house, email me @


Friends, we are back in Newport Coast to view a real stunner! Get ready, this one definitely belongs on,”Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.” And, here’s something to think about: If you can’t afford the very best, study it. Use it for inspiration. Then, implement the elements into your own living space. I may not own a 14M home, but I may have the same paint color on my walls, and marble on my counters–if not the same, then very close.  In the world of Design and Real Estate, my days are filled with things I may never own (painful sign…) but, I don’t need to own something to study it,  appreciate it–and  transform it into something just for me. And, I know I’m not the only one; you do it, too! So, enjoy, and study/steal away. For those of you who can afford such opulence, please, invite me for dinner.

13,484 square ft.

27,908  Lot size

Yeah, just big enough, I think it will do.

I hope you enjoyed this lovely home. If there is something special you are looking for, send me a note, and give me a few details. I’ll find just what you are looking for.

Earning your confidence,

Vimy Nesmith.

Here’s something special in Newport Coast, or should I say, the Orange County Riviera.  Have a look and experience this fine study in Dignified Restraint. Beautiful architectual details celebrated, here, but not used-to-death. The blend of creamy walls and dark woods warm up this grand living space. You will want to linger here, forever.  I certainly did.


I hope you enjoyed viewing this lovely home. If you have any questions,

I will love  hearing from you! 🙂

Contact:  949.678.4216  or email:

Very best, and happy house hunting.


Ladera Ranch Dream Home!

The Kitchen is a fine example of the dramatic
effects of mixing dark and painted woods. Just beautiful. Double Subs, not too
shabby; you can’t see the wolf stove in this pic, but it’s there. Well
appointed. The Dining Room is a generous size, perfectly over-stated, and the
band of empadora dark marble adds warmth to the room. I won’t mention
the Master Suite Bathroom. I will let it speak for itself. Oh, I just can’t!
Loving it!!! Function forward. Spacious. Playful. I would attend a cocktail
party in this room, alone. 🙂

 Click on the images to increase the size. If you have any questions about this gorgeous home, give me call, or email me. Enjoy. 🙂

    The Winner this week: A lovely home in Ladera Ranch!

This European Kitchen come fully loaded with top tier, everything. It’s spacious, well lit, and the balance and scale, perfect.. One thing to note: larger kitchens are wonderful, however, the work spaces tend to be further apart than one may like, translating in–extra steps during cooking and cleaning. A small price to pay, if you ask me, for a luxurious kitchen. What’s a little cardio while cooking?



Many of my clients demonstrate some level of
anxiety in mixing white marble with cream walls. As you see, here, they work
fabulously together. All cream can muddie, the whites serve to punch things
up! The French were the first to mix painted wood with stained wood. Now, who’s going to argue with the French? Not me…loving it!


The only thing missing here, is you and me…